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Narrative Summaries

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It is a form of summary where the medical events are narrated in a manner that makes sense. In short it provides a bird’s eye view of the case to attorneys. It presents the medical history in a chronological format and identifies the essential information according to the client’s need. All missing records are identified and noted in the summary.

Features of narrative summary:

  • All the events in patient’s medical history are evaluated as per the case focus and main events leading to current status of injury are highlighted in a narrative format.
  • A medical narrative summary plays a key role in a deposition and demand preparation. When information is being collected in a deposition, it is important for the attorney to present the deponent with a proper summary of the events leading up to the case. A medical narrative summary thus helps in conducting an effective deposition before the trial.
  • Before an attorney prepares for a trial the narrative summary helps him to understand the case better.
  • It can also help him understand if any legal case is due to actual negligence or coincidence, and to obtain any missing information from the patient before the case goes to trial.
  • It is in an easy to understand storytelling format.
  • Summaries are customized and delivered in client specific format.
  • Saves time, effort and cost.
  • All the medical key points are clearly highlighted so that it will help the attorneys to handle the case successfully.
  • We will identify and inform you of critical missing records in a summary impacting the case.
  • Free hyperlinking service.

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