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Aezen Solutions is a reputed provider of a range of medical process outsourcing solutions such as medical record review, medical chart review, medical bills review. We offer quality reviews that ensures medico legal case review companies easy access to patient care information.

Our review solution are of great benefit to medical record management companies, legal support entities, and insurance firms, since all critical information located in medical records are effectively summarized for easy perusal.

We assist in summarizing medical/legal document by deciphering and summarizing their chart made of medical record. We process the scanned records that are in Adobe’s PDF format, run it through an OCR process and bates number the files. This is where the medical abstracting and summarization is performed.

Our medical record summaries are well sorted, categorized and consists of date of injury (DOI), causation of the injury, diagnosis, treatment plan, permanent impairment and future medical needs.

Features of our medical summary:

  • Customized Summary: Our clients satisfaction is our priority. We will tailor the format of summaries as per our clients requirements and make sure our summaries meet customers’ needs hundred per cent.
  • Sequencing Medical Records : Our summaries will be organized chronologically as per client requirement.
  • Extensive summary of medical records: Our team of reviewers will summarize the medical records extensively by capturing the required details like initial injury, its nature, cause, follow-ups, diagnosis, tests and treatments.
  • Missing Records : We will identify and inform you of critical missing records in a summary impacting the case. Worry not about missing medical records, we identify the missed one’s for you.
  • DICOm Review: Best & clear images of MRIs/X-Rays/other diagnosis images from CDs/DICOM is converted to printable formats. It helps in quick view of the reports and assess the severity of injury. Also, helps in preparing exhibit.

Our Medical Chronology Process:

  • This process involves analyzing the copious number of medical records to interpret the strength of each case. We summarize and highlight all the remarkable points that are crucial for a case discovery.
  • We ensure attorneys, independent medical examiners, insurance companies and other corporations get added value from our tailor made medical record review solutions. Our summaries consists of medical records organized in a chronological/timeline order.
  • Our medical record review process are complete and accurate, so that you need not spend time for understanding complex medical condition and its progress.
  • Our summaries are drafted by detailed review and reading through all pages of medical records, hence focusing on all the key details, diagnosis and its progress, any impairment etc.
  • All the essential information for the case is focused.
  • Our summaries follow a strict timeline that shows the events starting from the first day of injury till the most recent date of treatment.
  • All the medical key points are clearly highlighted so that it will help the attorneys to handle the case successfully.
  • Clear indication will be made regarding missing medical records.
  • Summaries are customized and delivered in client specific format.
  • Our summaries provides clear overview of strengths and weakness of medical case.
  • Free hyperlinking add-on service for easy navigation of medical record.

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